Parenting is the hardest job on the planet. We have heard it but living it makes it so much more real.

Maybe you have had these thoughts or said these words…

“I had a vision of the parent I would be. I want to be loving, kind and connected to my family but I feel like my vision has changed and now my days are filled with driving, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and managing meltdowns. I don’t feel like our family is connected or doing the things I believe a family should be.”

“I want to be a calm and centered parent. I have great intentions but by noon or earlier I feel frazzled and short with my kids.”

“I forget who I am anymore, and I feel lost.”

“I crave connection and peace in my home and my life.”

“My kids are experiencing anxiety, bullying or anger and I just don’t know how to help them.”


It is time to become an “Anchored Parent”.

What does it mean to be “Anchored”?

When we are anchored, we can become the point of stability for our children and our families. Just like an anchor on a ship, we can help our kids feel secure and grounded when they face challenges or obstacles. We can create households with less yelling, fewer tantrums and more connection.

What you will get from this program:

  • A place to share your thoughts, your dreams and your hardships with a group of caring people who understand where you are at. This is a judgement free zone.
  • Concrete strategies that you can bring to your home the next morning.
  • A roadmap that will guide you step by step to move towards a calmer, more connected home and family.
  • Resources that you will take with you and that can be re-used as your kids get older.

We don’t want to inspire you and then just leave you on your own. This course will include 4 weekly sessions where we will work through it together. Each week will build on the week before so you must be able to attend all sessions.

BONUS: If you live far away or are unable to attend in person, we are offering 10 online spots where you can participate from home during the session. You will be able to ask questions in the group in real time as if you were there.