As women, we are faced with many competing demands on our time and energy. Many of us try to do it all, juggling business with family and trying to have some semblance of a social life.

Did you know?

We are at risk of a “she-cession” with many talented, brilliant women choosing to leave the workforce completely.

Female entrepreneurs report feelings of uncertainty and inadequacy, fatigue and muscle tension depressed mood and feelings of overwhelm with far greater frequency than male entrepreneurs.

I believe we are at a pivotal time in history to change and improve the way we work and the way we lead. The time to learn how to be an anchor in your business and your life is now.

You are not alone. I started my first business over 18 years ago as a solopreneur with very young children at home.

The myths I told myself:

I can’t afford to ask for help or to hire anyone. I tried to learn everything I needed to.

I was embarrassed to admit that sometimes I didn’t know what I was doing. I felt my staff depended on me for the answers.

I thought the more hours I put in the more successful I would be. I would often share how busy I was working late into the night and on weekends. The truth was I was tired, short fused and debating whether it was worth it.

I have ridden the wave of burnout many times over the past 18 years and I have promised to do everything I can to support other women to continue to build their goals and dreams over the long term while living the life they craved.

What I know now:

One of the best ways to get “more time in our days” by connecting and utilizing the time and talents of others.

Building great communication skills is one of the most valuable skills we can have in business and in our personal lives.

Effective communication is something we can learn.

Effective communication doesn’t come easily for many of us (and we are often the last to know when our skills aren’t up to par.)

Entrepreneurship and parenting have been the two greatest opportunities I have had to develop self-awareness and to shine light on the blind spots I had in my own communication patterns. In this course we will focus on the business side but the techniques I share will likely be helpful in your personal life as well.

Anchored Leadership is different that other “business or personal development” workshops. In this intensive training you will be guided step by step through a five-week process.

We will combine research, the theory of leadership with stories from my experience in building two businesses over 18 years (the good, bad and UGLY!) along with clear take away strategies that you can implement right away.

What you will come away with:

You will be able to define the core values of your business and how these values connect with building your teams and serving your clients.

You will dive deep into your own patterns and know how to move from reacting to consciously responding when faced with challenges.

You will learn simple strategies to apply when having tough conversations around unmet expectations or bad behaviour.

You will learn how people are motivated and inspired. This helps to build balanced teams that get things done, feel good about their work and feel connected.

You will feel more comfortable setting your priorities for time, tasks and delegating. This is where you get your life back.

You will build skills and strategies for resilience for yourself, your team and those you care about.

You will connect with other amazing women who are on this journey too.

The investment and the details:

Sessions will be recorded and available in a private Facebook group following each week if you are not able to attend live.

We will have a live q&a session each week in the private Facebook group. Members can submit questions throughout the week.

The full 5-week session is only $497 plus GST


Here is what our clients are saying:

I have had the pleasure of working with Kari both personally and professionally. I am continued to be amazed by Kari’s knowledge and her ability to connect with both kids and parents! I have learned so many practical skills and get very excited at every opportunity we have for her to present. She has made such a difference in my personal and professional life and I cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work!

Robyn O’Connell

I cannot say enough about the coaching I have received from Kari. It started from me thinking I just needed help with a resume and ended with me working hard to fulfill my dream of teaching what I’ve learned in over 25 years as a massage therapist and business owner. Every time I get over excited Kari carefully reigns me in making sure it aligns with my goals and vision for my future. I can’t recommend her enough, it will be the best decision you’ll make.

Marissa Willard

I have worked with Kari a couple times now and I cannot say enough good things about her. She has helped me not only in my business but also in ways that helped me personally. There are so many areas that she is knowledgeable in when it comes business development. Everything from how to have hard conversations with employees, to the careful wording of an ad or email. Kari is incredibly understanding and I felt like she truly cared about me and my business. Whether someone is starting a brand new company, or already established and just needs advice, I would not hesitate to recommend her services to any business owner.

Kim Slezinsky

I don't believe that any important life challenge can be solved without conversation. The experience I received with Kari's coaching was her ability to hold space for the powerful, revealing conversation. What Kari does beautifully is hold the mirror and the space to help you realize what is holding you back from reaching your full potential. If you are looking to discover the real reasons why you are not reaching your full potential professionally or personally you will want to reach out and have a conversation with Kari Lotzien.

Tracy Kuhn

Kari is exceptional. I came to her with a leadership issue and within 15 minutes we had come to a conclusion as to where the issue steams from. She led me through the process to discover myself, she didn't just tell me what needs to happen. Kari is a fantastic listener and excellent at communicating important ideas. I would highly recommend her services.

Jillian Vukovich

I’ve gotten help with kari in the past and she’s always been very helpful. I attended the language of leadership course with her for some help in conducting my business. It was such an eye opener for how I conduct myself personally and professionally. I’d definitely recommend her services to anyone in a leadership role or just has some hard conversations to have in your relationships with people in general. Thanks so much.

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