Anchored Leadership
Group Coaching

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had 5 hours every month with People Who Are Running Successful Businesses Like Yours?”

Imagine you had a dedicated time to learn and show up each month and talk about the big wins in your business and the challenges. It might sound like, “Okay, so I hired a book keeper, a social media manager and I have a few staff but I thought delegating was supposed to make things easier for me? I am still answering questions and emails constantly and I wonder if I will ever get to put my feet up and enjoy a vacation?”

Or…”We are hitting our targets of close to $200K this quarter, but things are really hard now because my parent’s health is declining and I feel so guilty that I am not closer to help.”

You find the group who nod their heads in understanding. Instead of looking at you with judgment or telling you to just “focus on what matters”, you receive clear coaching around how to solve your particular challenge. You get the insider scoop on what other owners are facing in their business that helps you realize, these problems aren’t as unique as you thought and you don’t have to solve it on your own.

Sounds pretty awesome right?

That’s what the Anchored Leadership Group Coaching Program is for. You will receive a combination of training and coaching from Kari Lotzien, Business and Leadership Coach. Combine this with an awesome group of entrepreneurs operating businesses at your level.

“I don’t feel my business has your fingerprint but you shadowed me to create what I needed. You knew how to come alongside and make it mine. I never felt you pushing your own ideas or vision onto me but you took my glasses and helped me to see my vision with your perspective.”
Carolyn M., Owner, Counselling Therapist

In the Anchored Leadership program you get:

  • 1 – 90 min focused training on a key skill set each month. Topics will include – strategic planning, marketing, hiring and interviewing, mentorship and coaching in business, providing tough feedback, organization, exceptional customer service, networking and more. These topics might be adjusted based on the feedback from the group. Training sessions are live and online. All members will receive a recording if you are not able to make the session time work.
  • 2 x 90 min focused coaching sessions each month where members have an opportunity to deep dive into their own businesses and receive live coaching from Kari. This is where you get to really apply the training to your specific situation and learn from others.
  • 1 – office hour session each month to ask questions or chat more about the topic. This session will also be used to revisit the training and strategies to keep move forward momentum. 
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“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about our journey is safety. You are a safe place to bring all aspects of personal and business. Thoughts, plans, dreams and the mundane issues.”

Who exactly will be in this group?

This group will be curated by myself, Kari Lotzien, Business & Leadership Coach and CEO of Be The Anchor. I have over 20 years experience in starting, building and successfully selling my own business. My background in occupational therapy provided formal training around setting clear goals and developing plans, mentorship, communication skills and learning to stay anchored no matter what is happening around you. I work with entrepreneurs to create the business and life they crave. 

I will be meeting with every applicant individually and we will talk about what you are looking for, what your past experiences have been like in groups. What you loved and what drove you nuts. This is to help protect the quality of the conversation and make sure we have the right mix.

We are looking for visionary entrepreneurs. You know that your business is not just about making money and paying bills. It is your vehicle to make the world a little better place. You provide a service to your customers that makes their life a little better and a little easier. 

But you can’t change the world if you are exhausted and drowning in emails.  

This group will not be linked to certain industries – we would love to have insurance brokers, realtors, lawyers,  private health clinic owners and tradespeople. The common thread is that everyone in the group is dedicated to building the “people part” of their business – customer service, building teams, improving your own leadership and communication. 

This is a leadership program. We will be focusing specifically on how to be stronger and clearer leaders. Each month there will be a one hour training on a specific element of leadership. This is meant to guide discussion and reflection for the month. This will be followed by 2 mastermind sessions where members will sign up to take the middle of the dance circle – get a bit vulnerable, tell us where you are struggling and what you are looking for. You will get a combination of coaching from me along with feedback from the other members. 

Feeling a bit hesitant?

Look, no one wants to be the jerk complaining about the beginner in the room who’s trying to solve problems you solved years ago, nor do you want to be the top dog in the room who’s making the most money and has the most experience.

But if you’ve had those problems before, I feel you. I’ve been you.

This is a community where you can build deep, lasting connections with people who genuinely understand the challenges (and opportunities!) that come with running a business like yours.

You do get to talk about what’s hard and what is working. You still get to want something a little different, a little more, even though you’re already doing really well. And if you are still reading this far, I can guarantee you have the fortitude to do this!

Here are a few more key points to ask if this is a great fit for you…

  • You are not at the start up phase where you’re trying to see if this business is actually viable.
  • You might be a solopreneur or have a team but either way you are not doing everything yourself anymore. This might include outsourcing or employees. It might be going quite smoothly or you might still have that nagging thought that it is often easier to just do it yourself.
  • You have worked hard but you know deep down that this level of grind and time is not sustainable long term.
  • You might be seeing the impact of your business on your family or friendships.
  • You might be noticing the stress taking a toll on your own health – headaches, struggles with sleeping, aches and pains, elevated blood pressure. 

In this group you could admit, “Hey, I just landed a huge new contract (client/project) that I was so excited about. Now that it comes time to execute, I feel sick. I don’t have the resources to pull this off, my team is super reluctant but I don’t want to blow it. How do I get my team on board?”

Or how about, “I know that I do a great job. I am paid very well but I just don’t want to put in as many hours anymore. I thought by now things would be getting easier. Somedays, I want to pack it in.”

Or this sticky situation, “I have a team member who has been with me for years but they just don’t seem to be doing the work we need to move forward. I can’t let them go but I am getting irritated with them more and more. I feel used.”

It can be hard to find a safe space to really open up about these things when you are “captain of the ship.” You can’t talk about it with your staff. Your family and friends might not get it or give advice that is not what you are looking for. Or worse yet, they are tired of hearing you talk about work all the time.

“I cannot say enough good things about Kari. She has helped me not only in business but also personally. She helped me with everything from how to have hard conversations, to the careful wording of an employment ad or email. Kari is incredibly understanding and I felt she truly cared about me and my business.”
Kim S., Owner, Master Electrician

Yep, so now what?

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I think that every entrepreneur needs a coach they can connect with and a solid group of peers who can see what you might not. People you can feel safe opening up to and who can help you navigate the next steps.

This group is about getting real, having a safe place to reflect, to plan and to work on the next step in your life plan with a group of people who get it. This idea has been waking me up at 3am, it is bringing me to my phone or computer at all hours to jot down ideas. You know when an idea comes to you and just won’t leave you alone? Well I have learned that when I move on these things, they are always more incredible than I could imagine. And I know you will feel the same way!

But here’s the hitch:

Most programs you’ve seen (especially at this price) cater to beginners – business owners who are still trying to find their footing in the business world. Leadership and experience is concentrated at the front of the room, and the participants are supporting each other to keep on truckin’ without offering the value of skinned elbows gained through experience.

That’s where this group will be different.

The point is to grow (or stay still for a while) according to your own rules of what success looks like for you, at this stage of life.

It might look like hitting a certain revenue target and having time to write that book.

It might look like taking a month off to tour Europe and not having to worry your business will tank while you’re gone.

It might look like setting your business up for the next owner and walking away with a nice retirement fund and a legacy you are proud of.

Admission Criteria

This may be for you if…

  • You’ve already achieved a level of success that most people only dream of – with a business generating between $200K and $1M in revenue, so you know there’s more to life than chasing revenue (…but also you wouldn’t so no to that!) 
  • OR…You are a solopreneur who is well established in business and making $100K.
  • You’re not a beginner (even if, in certain areas, you feel like one) and enjoy being around driven people who like to dream big and get real.
  • It’s not hard to imagine that a single conversation could lead to an idea that you could execute and make $50K from—you already have the team, support and capacity to execute on that or you can see it in your future
  • You are in a service based industry. You want to level up your leadership, inspire the next generation, give feedback like a pro, build amazing things that make the world better, more fun, healthier or safer. 
  • You spend time thinking about things like equality, unconscious bias and capitalism or you are at least open to the discussion.
  • You are willing to show up and make a commitment to yourself and to the group. I get it, life happens and you don’t need to make every single meeting but there is an expectation that you will dedicate energy to this.

The only way to join is by first booking a call with me to talk about your life and business. YOU get to vet me too—and you should! That call is for you to ask questions, and get a feel for what it would be like to be in a leadership program with Kari.

“I cannot say enough about the coaching I have received. It started with helping to develop my resume and led to me working hard to fulfill my dream of teaching what I have learned in over 25 years as a massage therapist and business owner. Every time I get over excited, Kari carefully reigns me in making sure it aligns with my goals and vision for my future. I can’t recommend her enough, it will be the best decision you will make.”
Marissa W., Owner, Massage Therapist, Instructor

Here’s what’s included in the Anchored Leadership Group Program

  • Date: October 2023 – June 2024 (9 months) – We will have 3 sessions in December 2023 and 5 in January 2024 to allow for holiday breaks.
  • First session of the month – 1.5 hr training and open discussion – live and recorded
  • Second and third sessions –  1.5 hour coaching and mastermind – live and recorded
    • Call time is tentatively Thursday at 9-10:30 am MST but could change based on the timezones of those who join
  • Fourth session – 1 hour Q&A session 
    • Ask any questions that have come up
    • Revisit content from the beginning of the month and reflect on progress

Themes + possible outcomes include:

  • Being able to lean on your team more, and take that holiday you keep talking about
  • Building your team – right people, right seats
  • Love your brand 
  • Network with confidence – right people with the right opportunities
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Create systems that give your time and energy back 
  • Make more money while working less time
  • Change your focus – spend time on what lights you up
  • Deliver feedback and manage hard conversations with clarity
  • Build your communication skills – far beyond the basics!
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Your Investment

$4450 CAD or $499/month x 9 months

Here’s why the price is the price: 

As someone who’s spent serious cash on mastermind groups over the years, here’s a frustrating problem I came across a lot: Masterminds in the $6-10K range attract a lot of beginners. It was frustrating to feel like I wasn’t getting what I needed even though everyone was nice and I didn’t want to be a jerk and complain.

I also wanted to talk about real issues. The hard stuff along with the big wins.

It usually costs $25K-30K to be in a room with experienced entrepreneurs running profitable businesses. 

For $25K you usually get a fancy experience, lots of wining and dining, gifts in the mail, etc.—stuff I don’t really want to do, it stresses me out, I overthink it and I don’t think it offers much true value.  

I am keeping this price point really low. We just came out of a tough time in the world, I know you might be hesitant to spend on business and self development. You might just be getting your groove back. I get that. This is the first, 9 month long program I am running although I have logged hundreds (ok maybe thousands!) of hours leading training, workshops and coaching. I am building momentum for this program and I can’t promise there won’t be a few glitches along the way. But I do know this will work and that it very likely won’t be this price next time. I want to reward the people who jump in first and take the lead (pun intended!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. We really don’t have to agree on things in order to work together, but I do have some guidelines. 

  • I don’t work with new start ups. I tend to be like a fire hose when I get inspired and like to move quickly with brainstorming and ideas. Those in the start up phase get overwhelmed by me and then I feel bad. There are so many amazing coaches who thrive here and I am going to let them. Feel free to ask me for a referral.
  • I don’t work with product based companies. If supply chains, manufacturing, and inventory control are your jam I am not your jam. However, if you are in the product industry but you want to raise your game in the people department you are in the right place.

Yes, somewhat. Once we create the group we can decide a time and day that works for most people but we will have to make a call on it. I will do my best to ensure that we are set for dates throughout the entire 9 months so that you can make it work as often as possible. We may choose a couple of options for the coaching sessions so that the group can be sure to make at least one a month.

As a member of this group you’ll have my phone number and email. You can call me if you ever need a quick chat. If you want to book more time with me, you’ll be able to book a consultation session at a discounted rate from my regular price.

Officially, no. If you decide to drop out before we start, I’ll try to find someone to fill your spot. If you drop out in the middle that’s a big cost to me, since there are limited spots available. That’s why I’m not doing guarantees. 

However, as a high performer myself I want to make this worth your time and your investment. If you aren’t satisfied, I want to know about it so please do reach out.

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