Episode 24 – When You Lose a Key Team Member

A topic came up during our Anchored Leadership training that is a challenge faced by many small businesses. It’s something every business owner with a team will face sooner or later. What to do when a key member of your team leaves? Regardless of whether that person is going away temporarily, on an extended vacation or maternity leave, or they’ll be gone permanently, they got a new job or moved cities, losing a member of your team that you rely heavily on is a blow that’s difficult to overcome. So I’m going to talk about being proactive. People are transitional, they follow opportunities, ideals, and family decisions. The days of choosing one job and staying there until retirement are long gone. But just because a phenomenal person indicates they may only be with you for a short while, never shy away from hiring them. Even a short time with a phenomenal person will benefit your business. Instead, get proactive about preparing for inevitable departures. Think ahead. There are choices you can make that set your business up to do well even when someone leaves. Ask yourself if there is cross-coverage for every team member’s job. If somebody takes care of a vital aspect of your business and nobody else knows how to do it, that is a gap you need to fill. Cross-training is essential and that goes for your role as well. It’s the ability to assess what your business needs and will need in the future, and how best to alleviate client and customer concerns about team member departures that will set you up for client retention and behind-the-scenes success. How do you do that now, when things are going well? I’ll lay out key points to consider so you can think about the future needs of your business today. Key Moments 02:06 Why you should hire that phenomenal talent even if their time in your business may be short 03:26 All the reasons for cross-training team members 07:49 Why you should encourage relationships between clients and other staff

  • There are ways to prepare for client retention when providers leave healthcare jobs
  • When you should introduce new hires to your team and clients
  • How you deal with team member departures will be closely watched by the rest of the staff
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Episode 23 – Is Business Coaching Worth It

If you’ve done your strategic planning for 2024, you may have laid out some big goals, and you might be asking yourself “Is business coaching worth it?”. I’m going to be exceptionally candid with you in this episode. Business coaching is a great help but it’s not always the best investment for you and your business in certain situations. You want to ensure a return on your investment so I want to give you guidance in what to consider when thinking about a business coach and how to hire a good one when you’re ready. I understand the hesitation in hiring a business coach, when I was growing my first business, I held off on hiring a coach past the point where I should have. I have also hired a coach who seemed like a good fit but I didn’t get good value out of the relationship. For a business coach to be beneficial to you, there is a lot to consider. I’ve come up with seven steps that guide you through the whole process from conception to hiring to ensure you find the right match for your goals. The seven key points are designed to lead you on a journey of introspection to be sure you’re ready to benefit from what coaching can offer. First, ask yourself what you hope to get out of coaching. Before you try to narrow down the options in the field or interview a potential coach, know what you need. Also, do you have the time and energy to invest in coaching? Be honest. There are a lot of business coaches that charge big money and for you to get the results you want, you need to have the time to invest in what you learn from the coach. Then you have to ask yourself the hardest question: are you coachable? How do you assess that? How do you know you’ll be able to follow through on your plans? How do you narrow down the glut of options in the business coaching industry? Those questions, and more, are what this episode will help you answer. Key Moments 03:30 What do you hope to get out of coaching? How can you answer this for your business? 09:45 You need to find a coach who understands you and what you want from your business. 14:44 How to dig in and ask a potential coach the right questions.

  • Being coachable is a key component of the relationship, it’s a two-sided coin
  • Will you be able to commit to putting into action the things you learn from your coach?
  • Coaching will not save a floundering business if all your energy is devoted to keeping it afloat.
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Episode 22 – Productivity Mini Masterclass

We entrepreneurs tend to have big dreams, big ideas, and visionary goals. Sometimes we find ourselves at the right time to set those goals into something solid. Like in January, we might decide to finally write that book or launch that course. Or when we hit a certain financial goal. What often happens, though, is that we allow other people’s criticism or skepticism to hold us back from realizing those ideas. Or we don’t plan for the goals to be achieved and they eventually fade. So today I want to talk about the productivity needed to see our dreams come to life.  Author Steven Pressfield believes that the greater a task is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will face in coming to achieve it. That actually gives me a sense of relief, instead of seeming daunting, because it assures me that when I encounter resistance in realizing my goal, I’m on the right path. When we encounter that resistance, it’s time to dig in and really be of service to what we dream of doing. But how? What steps can we actually take to make that happen? I’m sharing five points in a service model designed to get big dreams and big ideas out of our heads and into reality. The five steps I’ll dive deep into are clarity, self-discipline, self-regulation, narrow focus, and cluster energy tasks. These steps help define what the dream looks like in terms of moving forward and then creating habits and tasks that keep us self-motivated on the journey. We become our own best sources of discipline. We have all the steps laid out for ourselves so that we know what to accomplish daily which will bring us closer to the dream. Join me in this mini masterclass on the productivity needed to make goals a reality instead of just great ideas that we remember later and wish we’d acted on.  Key Moments 07:47 Achieving clarity on our big dream 12:28: Self-discipline and self-regulation work hand-in-hand 24:33 Narrowing focus to get rid of distractions

  • When we recognize we’re going to have to achieve our own dreams, we need to set ourselves up for success
  • Forming habits, task breakdowns, and clear goals are some keys to daily productivity
  • When I say “cluster energy tasks”, what does that mean and how can we structure that?
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Episode 21 – Success Strategies for Each Phase of Business

Something really successful people often do, when telling their stories of rags to riches or hardship to success, is they sort of gloss over the decade or so in between difficult struggle and amazing achievements. But it’s in that between time where the work is really done. And I think we need to hear how to actually navigate that decade or so when our business goes from brand new to an established organization. That’s what I’m talking about today. About the growth years of business. About the stages that are necessary for every business to move through. I like to think of these phases as similar to human development. We start in the infant stage, move through to childhood, then to teenage years, and finally to young adulthood. Our businesses are not that different. They start in infancy, take steps in childhood growth, become independent teens, and finally are fully grown, young adults. When we think about our businesses in this manner, it’s easy to define the stages that we need to take our business through. But how do we realize success in each stage? What are the right things to do when? Do we start right off with strong marketing and an omnipresent social media presence when we’re just in the infant phase? Or is that the time for market research and developing our customer service? When should we hire? When should our focus simply be on client experience? When should we expand our offerings? What feedback do we allow to shape our business? These are the things I talk about in today’s episode: the strategies we need to employ in each phase of business. Some things can be left until the teen phase. Some things can’t wait and need to be taken care of in infancy. Knowing when to do which thing in business, and how, is half of the journey to success. Let’s start looking at how businesses flourish like little children with the right parenting. Key Moments 05:00 First step: infant phase 14:24 Second step: child phase 23:33 Third step: teen phase

  • How do we know if we’re taking on the wrong feedback and expanding too fast?
  • Has the ideal client for our business been identified? Who do we serve?
  • Do we want to constantly be attracting new clients or focus on repeat business?
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Episode 20 – The #1 Communication Skill We Need

A piece of advice my grandma gave to me before my wedding is what inspired this episode. I asked her, What do you think the key is to a long-lasting marriage? And she said, Well, I think that it’s sometimes you need to not say what you’re thinking. This got me thinking about how much focus we place on speaking well, on communicating our own thoughts in speech and in writing, and on being heard. But just how much do we invest into learning how to listen well? I think listening is a key foundation in building relationships and business, and it’s what I talk about today. There are many ways we undermine what other people are communicating to us without even meaning to. Some of the ways in which we fail at listening are obvious. Interrupting is one of those obvious rude behaviors. So is talking too much, monopolizing the conversation. We understand those aren’t ideal behaviors yet we still struggle with them. And what about the less obvious ways in which we aren’t listening? Rushing people, hurrying to give advice, overtaking their story with our own.  How can we truly enter into a conversation in which we speak and listen in equal measure? How do we become good listeners? Are there ways to train ourselves out of the bad habits we have that damage our listening skills? There are ways. I’m guilty of all of these things myself but I have found ways to teach myself to listen. Little things I picture or questions I ask that open people up for me to listen to. That’s what I share with you today because listening is just as important in communication as speaking. Are you ready to work on it together? Key Moments 04:46 Interrupting and speaking too much 07:44 Rushing someone else’s story 13:02 Jumping into somebody else’s story with our own

  • What is a conversation pizza and how can it help?
  • How do we redirect a conversation we’ve hijacked back to the original speaker?
  • What is the objective of a conversation?
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Episode 19 – Start the Year as a Beginner

I’m putting a twist on goal setting for the new year in this episode. We are always looking for the payoff or the reward or what the destination is and we often forget to have fun in the moment of living. So while you’re setting intentions and planning for the new year, I want to set out this challenge: what goals can you set that aren’t about achievement but are simply about fun? What can you learn that’s brand new and gives you a sense of excitement? It’s the toddler or puppy sense of joy that I want you to reach for. That utterly new experience that is absolutely thrilling, full of learning, and entirely about awe. Like a toddler playing in the snow for the first time. You know exactly what I mean. We forget about experiences like that when we become adults and I want to challenge you, and myself, to find something to pour yourself into for sheer joy this year. There are three areas to consider. What can you learn that you know nothing about? What can you try that you’ve never tried before? And who can you meet that opens your world to new possibilities and ideas? It’s not about big ground-breaking things like parachuting or scuba diving. It can be something simple like taking an art class, trying a new restaurant, or inviting someone you just met to accompany you to a show. Branch out and see what you can learn, do, and see that’s brand new, just for the fun of it. Are you willing to give it a try? Key Moments 04:12 The challenge: to learn something for fun with no external reward or purpose 10:06 Feeling a gap in your life and intentionally finding something new to fill it 13:56 Who do you want to meet? And how can you meet them?

  • Do something you’re not entirely comfortable with but that you’re curious about
  • Combat loneliness by reaching out to new people
  • Find that brand new puppy joy experience
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Episode 18 – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – to Reflect

No, this episode has not come out a week late. I want to talk about what I believe is the most magical week of the year: the last week, between the 26th and January. I take this week to slow down, to spend time in pyjamas, being cozy and drinking tea. I put together a puzzle and read a book or watch a movie. I let go of the chaos. But I also do something else. I reflect. And that’s what I want to share with you. How you can look back and appreciate everything you accomplished. At some point during this week of rest, I turn to a ritual I developed that I love. I go through all the photos on my phone from the last year. I go right back to this day last year and look through every single photo. And while I do that, I make a list of all my favorite memories, maybe with a sentence or two about what I remember. It’s not all big flashy things, either. It’s simple things like walking my dog, my garden, a great sunset, somebody I love making a face. And I reflect on the year through the photos. We often don’t take the time, while intention setting for the new year, to actually spend time with the things that shaped us in the last year. The things that brought us joy, the fears that we conquered, the achievements we made, even the losses and grief, just the messages that life gave us. That’s the advice I have for you: to reflect. Look at what held your attention this year and what you want to give more of your attention to next year. Soak it all in. And see what you come up with. Key Moments 03:44 Your past year in photos 05: 44 What life really is, looking back 11:06 What do you want more of next year?

  • How looking back helps set intentions for next year
  • What words defined your last year?
  • Cultivating gratitude for what you have before stepping into the future  
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Episode 17 – Brand Strategies to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

I have an amazing guest to share with you, someone who will inspire your marketing journey and make you feel empowered to embrace your uniqueness. Cheryl Floris is a mother and a lifelong creative who founded Hey Sunny Studio to specifically help women in business build a thriving brand. Cheryl worked in the health and fitness industry and through being involved in bettering her own wellness, she came to understand the transformation a coach or healer could provide. But she also saw a gap in how those people were presenting themselves. So I’m talking with Cheryl all about how to market and brand your business to align with what you really want. Cheryl explains exactly why the brand identity of your business is such a key part of marketing and appealing to the clients that you want. It’s easy to just lean into what everyone else in the health and wellness industry, or in any industry, is doing but that’s not how to stand out and be noticed for who you truly are. We talk about that, about getting noticed, about what holds you back from outsourcing branding and leaning into your individuality. There are a lot of lessons to learn from my conversation with Cheryl. She shares her Three S Cycle of brand awareness, how to appeal to your ideal client, how she approaches teaching content creation, and the importance of leveraging your time. This is an inspirational and educational revelation from someone with clear passion and integrity. You need to learn how to embrace your business and brand with the passion Cheryl has, so soak up the discussion we have in this episode.  Key Moments 16:54  What a great designer does when developing a brand identity 21:16  Why you need to always have a hand in your marketing content 32:45  When fear of not wanting to alienate all potential clients keeps you from reaching your ideal clients

  • Story, specificity, and spice - how they are the key to marketing success
  • Why building trust with your potential ideal clients matters
  • How do you actually create 30 days of marketing content and still have a life?
  __ About Cheryl Floris: As a mother of 2 young kids and lifelong creative, I craved a career that would allow me to have freedom in my schedule, but also fulfill the purpose I was set here to - to help women in business build a thriving brand that aligned with their lifestyle and their soul’s mission.  After working in the health & fitness industry, and being involved in bettering my own wellness for over 10 years, I knew the deep transformation that a coach, healer or counsellor could provide. But there were always gaps in the businesses I worked for or with, and most of them falling under the umbrella of their brand. Whether that's connection to their visual identity, being able to pinpoint their uniqueness and leverage it, or uncovering their dream client - the gaps they had were causing friction in both their personal life and in their business.  While on maternity leave with my son, I decided it was time to leverage my own strengths - creativity, systems and connection development, and my 8 years in social media marketing. Hey Sunny Studio was born and took off immediately. Since then we've been able to work with over 40 businesses to create visual identity systems, brand strategy and websites that have allowed them to grow and step into their own power as a health & wellness brand.  Hey Sunny Studio Note: We will be launching our own podcast in spring 2024, and will be introducing an aligned marketing mentorship program as well! Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know and snag a spot at beta pricing.  __ Resources mentioned in this episode: Contact Cheryl Floris | Hey Sunny Studio: __ Contact Kari Lotzien | Be the Anchor:  __
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Episode 16 – Finding Joy

Today I want to take a moment to talk about joy. Not just joy itself, but about finding joy when it’s not easy to see. Right now a lot of people, people both close and unrelated to me, are going through incredible challenges - loss of loved ones, health issues, financial struggles, not being able to meet basic needs - and coupled with what’s going on in the world, it sparks confusion and a sense of helplessness in me. How do I make a difference or find peace? You might be feeling that way too. I’m certain you can identify with the feelings of not having the answers or being able to solve things. But I have realized that sometimes we have to give up control and simply accept that we don’t always get to know the why, the how, and the way to fix things. We have to give up control. How do we do that? The advice I have for you today centers on the idea of gratitude for no reason. It’s easy to be grateful when things are going our way and we’re succeeding. But that’s not true gratitude. How can we learn to be grateful, to find happiness and joy, when things aren’t going well for us? I’ll tell you how I’ve started working on it. The things I’ve focused on day to day to make sure I’m not letting life go by without some sense of gratitude. I hope this episode can help you appreciate little things that are always there so you can find bits of joy this season. Key Moments 02:46  When we need to look beyond ourselves 04:33  Happy for no reason 07:43  One of the things I have come to be grateful for

  • We can be happy or unhappy for a reason, but we need to cultivate happiness for no reason
  • There is power in great art and music
  • Pets spark gratitude  
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Episode 15 – Networking and Holiday Parties for the Socially Awkward

I am talking about something that I know all too well in this episode: feeling awkward in social settings. I’m specifically talking about holiday parties and networking events for those of us who are socially anxious and who find social events stressful and nerve-wracking. You’re not alone! I’ve found some things that help me not just survive but actually enjoy networking and parties and I’m sharing those with you.    Some of you, like my spouse, are socially at ease in any situation. You can make chit-chat and strike up casual conversations without any worry at all. So this may all sound foreign to you. But if you’re one of those people who find social networking easy, hopefully, this episode will give you more insight into what some of your friends and colleagues are going through.    The strategies I use to help myself through parties and events have a lot to do with preparation. I think one of the biggest things that causes social anxiety is the fear of not knowing what to say. We walk into the room and are nervous about having anything to talk about and just feel overwhelmed. I actually prepare conversation topics in advance. It might sound strange, but being prepared takes some of the anxiety away. I have a lot of advice and tips to share and I want this episode to make all of you who are socially awkward feel less alone, and to give you tools to make it through the holidays less stressed.   Key Moments   06:18  Creating a strategy around chit-chat and how to try it out 08:37  An easy way to prepare for a party with friends 10:24  How to prepare for a networking event

  • You can gamify your networking goals to make it more fun
  • Set yourself an end time, you’re allowed to know in advance when you want to leave
  • Watch alcohol intake
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