When we choose to work with children and families who have experienced hard things, we are often faced with situations that are turbulent and unpredictable. It may feel like we are trying to navigate a ship in the middle of a stormy sea without a clear vision and not knowing what we may face next. We also know the pride and accomplishment when those we work with overcome challenges and become empowered.

Be the Anchor: Team Development was designed for those working in the human services industry such as foster parents, therapists, case workers, and educators. This training combines trauma informed research and evidence with storytelling and activities to fully integrate the information and bring it into your daily work. This is a four day training series.

This training may be offered individually or to a full agency.

Session 1: Discovery: Start with You

Day one is all about discovery and setting clear intentions for the work we do. Whether you are new to your position or have been working in this field for years, teams will define their “why”. Why were you drawn to this work? What keeps you going and what strengths do each of your team members bring to the work you do? Teams will also have time to reflect on their collaborative strengths and challenges faced.


  1. Connect with your teams
  2. Identify the unique strengths each of the team members brings to this work
  3. Identify the current struggles and the effects they are having on our minds, body and spirit
  4. Learn how trauma and chronic stress affects our bodies as caregivers and in the work we do
  5. Learn three ways to support our own nervous systems to regulate and reset

Session 2: Exploration

In the second session, we will talk more about the people we work with. We will revisit how trauma and chronic stress affect development and the effects on our brains and bodies. We will work through case studies to explore in more detail how we can support children and families using this framework of being an anchor. We will revisit our role in the therapeutic relationship using stories that are supported by research and evidence.


  1. Connect with your teams
  2. Identify how we can all be affected by trauma and chronic stress
  3. Explore how trauma can affect sensory processing and interoception
  4. Participants will learn to observe, identify and explore strategies to support regulation and interoception.

Session 3: Expansion: New Waters

This session will evolve from the first two. We will dive into the topics of stability and change. How do we support our clients to be open to trying new things in healthy ways? Participants will use the framework to guide the discussions with clients.


  1. Participants will explore the concepts of regulation and how this relates to change
  2. Participants will explore how these concepts can be integrated into our daily work for our clients and ourselves.

Session 4: Reflection

In our last session of the series, we will revisit the previous three sessions and pull it all together. We will develop plans that integrate the strategies from the first three sessions that focus on how we can support our clients to create communities of support and wellness. Therapeutic relationships will come to an end but we can use these relationships to help our clients build communities well after they have moved on from us.


  1. Explore the bigger picture. How can culture, regulation and relationship be built into our communities?
  2. Learn ways to foster interdependence for ourselves and our clients
  3. Learn ways to utilize our therapeutic relationships as a teaching tools for communication and learning to read and respond to others.
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Here is what our clients are saying:

I have had the pleasure of working with Kari both personally and professionally. I am continued to be amazed by Kari’s knowledge and her ability to connect with both kids and parents! I have learned so many practical skills and get very excited at every opportunity we have for her to present. She has made such a difference in my personal and professional life and I cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work!

Robyn O’Connell

An AMAZING workshop! Everyone could benefit from immersing themselves in this material around trauma. What stuck with me was ‘to make an impact on someone, especially a child, there needs to be a strong connection, stability and safety. Correction won’t happen unless there is trust and hope.

Christine - Family School Enhancement Counsellor

Every time I go and listen to Kari talk I am blown away with all the knowledge. Learning about kids who “flip their lid” and understanding the behaviours has moved mountains in my household. The last course I went to was “Be The Anchor.” I actually went twice and both times I take something else out of it to better myself and my kids. Thank you so much Kari.

Holly Maier - Parent

I attended the highly informative, engaging, and inspiring Be the Anchor workshop put on by Kari Lotzien. As a parent, there are many questions on a day-to-day basis that we encounter, including the classic, “Am I doing this right?” The workshop provided me a little confidence, and more importantly, the tools to understand that I need to be there for my child in the way he needs. The world of parenting is tough, but Lotzien, in her comedic relief and informative manner, made me realize that we are not alone in that feeling. Walking away from the presentation I felt supported and refreshed. I would recommend this workshop to any parent.

Jessica Jones - Parent

Overall, extremely pleased with your session today. Lots of ideas shared that I can bring into my classroom and it got me reflecting on my own attitudes and beliefs. I appreciate your REAL suggestions and solutions and all the resources shared. Thank you for your wisdom. You were terrific!

Jen M. - Teacher

Kari is SO easy to listen to. As a kindergarten teacher, I always come away with REAL ideas I can use tomorrow. Great stories and a good sense of humour all add up to an extremely worthwhile day.

Wenda D. - Kindergarten Teacher

I loved the stories and link to real life experiences! I wrote so many notes and hardly even doodled! That tells you how engaged I was!

Ashley - Kindergarten Teacher

You were a breath of fresh air! No fluff, just simple strategies that we can all use and what ALL educators need to hear.

Corey - Teacher

Kari is a mass of compassionate, caring knowledge. I love her approach and attitude.


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