Episode 14 – Take the Emotion Out of It and Other BS Advice

I was listening to a podcast that was advising leaders on how to take the emotion out of delivering difficult news to employees and it got me fired up. I believe taking the emotion out of anything is taking the humanity out of connection. That’s what I’m talking about today: how to be a great leader by working with your emotions. Delivering hard news without emotion makes you come across as cold, hard, and uncaring. That’s not how you want to appear to the people who have done the hard work and their best jobs for you. We aren’t advised to take the emotion out of exciting news or joyful things, so why should we remove it from hard things? I think we do it to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Let’s talk about that. Emotions are not a gendered issue, either. All humans have emotions and leading with compassion is a human quality, not a gendered one. So join me to find out how to lead with emotion in a healthy way. What does that look like? How can we avoid explosive emotions without ignoring them entirely? How do we share our emotions in ways that allow our employees to feel safe in their own emotions as well? Key Moments 03:20  How it looks when delivering hard news without emotion   05:02  Explaining ways in which emotion shows up 09:40  How to manage our emotions before sharing them

  • Partner your logical mind with your emotions before sharing news
  • The importance of creating a safe space for everyone’s emotion
  • The dangers of being emotional to customers but closed off to employees
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