Episode 31 – Living the Life You Crave, Pt 1

This episode is special for me because I am talking about my tagline. Perhaps you didn’t know until right now that I have a tagline! We’ll unpack it together. My tagline is ‘Live the life you crave’. This phrase is very important to me, it holds a lot of value, and I found it through intention and focus. The important place to start in understanding it is to define what ‘crave’ actually means. I’ll do that and examine exactly what it means to live what we crave in this episode. Craving, according to the dictionary, is not just something that we want but something that we need. The definition likens it to how infants crave touch. Infants don’t just want touch, they need it in order to develop and grow. The thing we crave isn’t just an idle want, it’s something we need, something that pulls us in, something we deeply require. When you examine the cravings in your life, what are they? What do you want and need in order to thrive? What pulls you? I’m going to talk about how living the life you crave encompasses more than just work, more than just your business. If you are succeeding at work but struggling with personal relationships, then the full life that you crave is not being satisfied. What do you need to create for your life to be filled on all levels? What do you crave about living that will make you fulfilled in the moment and not just living for a future when things hopefully align? I want you to think about these questions as you move through this episode with me. Key Moments 02:11 Defining the word ‘crave’ 05:28 Does the thing that you crave feel bigger than you? Drive you towards impacting change? 11:43 Your life is made up of more than work and all the components deserve to be strong

  • Are you struggling with personal things outside of work? Finding balance is part of what you crave
  • When you live the life you crave, does it align with your values in ways that satisfy you right now?
  • It’s vital to think about every aspect of what you crave for your life 
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