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Mastering Delegation: Strategies for Small Business Success

“If I want something done well I just need to do it myself.”

“I have tried delegating but it just never works. Good people are hard to find.”

“I have a hard time holding people accountable. If they make a mistake I don’t say anything.”

“Maybe my expectations are too high?”

Are you struggling to effectively delegate tasks in your small business? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with responsibilities and unable to focus on the things you need to? If so, you’re not alone. Delegation is a crucial skill for small business owners, yet many owners and managers find it challenging to let go and get frustrated when it doesn’t work out. 

In our upcoming workshop, “Mastering Delegation: Strategies for Small Business Success,” we’ll dive deep into the art of delegation and equip you with the tools and strategies you need to delegate effectively and drive your business forward.

During this interactive workshop, participants will:

Identify Barriers to Delegation:
We’ll explore common obstacles that prevent small business owners from delegating effectively. Whether it’s a fear of losing control, a lack of trust in employees, or simply not knowing where to start, we’ll uncover these barriers and learn how to overcome them.

  • Learn a Clear Framework for Delegation: 
    • Participants will work through effective delegation strategies that streamline processes and empower team members. From task prioritization to assigning responsibility, you’ll discover practical techniques for delegating tasks efficiently and ensuring successful outcomes.
  • Develop a Framework for Accountability: 
    • Delegation is ineffective without ongoing accountability. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to establish clear expectations, set measurable goals, and hold both yourself and your team members accountable for results. You’ll leave with a comprehensive framework for fostering accountability and driving growth in your business.
  • Cultivate a Strong Team Culture: 
    • When the process of delegation is done well you won’t just offload tasks – you will create opportunities for growth, both for yourself and your team. We’ll explore how effective delegation can fuel innovation, foster professional development, and ultimately propel your business to new heights.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, mastering delegation is essential for small business success. This workshop is designed for managers and owners. Don’t let overwhelm hold you back – make a plan that works!

Date: April 17

Time: 9-3pm

Location: Riverlands Business Centre
G11, 5550-45 Street
Red Deer AB T4N 1L1
Investment: $349

Limited spots available, please register early. Lunch is provided.