Okay my friends, I promise to be open in here and to share the truth when I think it just might be helpful to you too.

You need to do your own maintenance. 

I have been meaning to get to the doctor for an annual check up for awhile now. 

Today was the day…

I started the visit off casually with my new doctor, because for some weird reason I really want her to like me. I start off with “I know it has been awhile since my last check up but I don’t have any big concerns.” Come off as chill,  low maintenance and not a pain in her ass right?

She replies, “it’s been 7 years Kari.” 💣

Hmmm… “well, time sure flies when you are avoiding things.” I smile awkwardly and hope she realizes that I am not a total slack ass who denies looking after my own health. 

Well…now we are in it. She is asking ALL the questions and I am coming face to face with some of the things I was absolutely avoiding. 

I know we have all heard you can’t pour from an empty cup and you need to put your own mask on first before helping others…blah, blah, blah. My cup wasn’t “empty” and my plane isn’t “crashing”. Likely, yours isn’t either. 

But you might be overdue for an oil change and you may just have a few of those check lights coming on your dashboard.

We need to pay attention when things are mostly good. We need to do our own maintenance checks to ensure they stay that way. As high performers, we tend to push through and put off our own health until we have a major crisis. And let’s be honest, even then we tend to keep telling everyone we are ok and we have it handled.

3 Questions You NEED to ask yourself:

  1. When was the last time you checked on your own physical health with a professional? Know the data; get the bloodwork, the prostate check, the mammogram. Avoiding won’t change the truth and waiting until you lose the extra weight or make those changes to your diet so that you get that proverbial check mark from your doctor is silly. If it’s been over two (or seven) years, book it today.
  2. When was the last time you talked about your mental health – sleep, anxiety, anger, depressive thoughts? We are getting better with acknowledging mental health but we are still far from making this mainstream. I often hear clients talk about their friends, family members or kids but still rarely address their own. Reach out to one person and open up the conversation – this doesn’t need to be a professional. It could be a friend, partner or a colleague. And if your gut knows, reach out to a professional. 
  3. Ask yourself – what do I know that I need to change to look after myself better? What change have I been avoiding? Just acknowledge it. Write it down. You will never change what you don’t acknowledge.

Whew, sorry for being a little harsh! But like that friend who will call you on your crap, I am sending this with all the love. 

“You can’t do incredible things in your life unless you look after your vehicle.”

(We do not share your data with anybody, and only use it for its intended purpose)