I got to spend a few days out by the ocean this past week. I love watching couples wander the pier, hand in hand. Toddlers chasing the gulls from the sand and dogs running through the water with smiles spreading across their faces. 

But my favorite part was seeing the universal joy of ice cream. From the baby discovering their first, surprisingly cold sweet taste to the slightly hunched frame of the elderly savoring the memories held in a flavour.

I think most of us revert back to a 6 year old kid, our nose pressed to the glass, craning our necks to see those bright colors and swirls displayed in the ice cream cooler.

Faced with 36 flavours of delight, how do you ever choose?

You read those delightful names like razmataz raspberry swirl or chocolate cheesecake decadence. Your tastebuds start to tingle and your mind races…

“Do I stick with the old cookies and cream classic or will today be the day I dare to try the cappuccino caramel wonder?”

Then comes the magical voice from behind the display “would you like to taste one?”

And in a moment, the fret and worry of a disappointing choice dissolves. You taste test from that little spoon and make the perfect choice.

This simple little trick at an ice cream counter virtually eliminates the #1 challenge their customer faces…buyer’s remorse. After a taster or two, the customer selects the perfect ice cream to match the day.

Now…What is the tiny spoon in your business?

Have you thought about the biggest challenge or fear your potential customers have? Could you offer a “little spoon taste test” to allow them to feel more secure in their decision?

I see many businesses doing this really well.

  • A mattress store with a 90 day money back sleep guarantee.
  • Adding a mini 15 minute facial to your massage.
  • A flight board of the most popular drinks in sampler sizes.
  • Showcasing the most popular choices of the season.

Business owners might think that offering samples, taste testers, money back guarantees or sampler packs will cost the business money. In the end, these offerings demonstrate commitment to your customers by showing confidence in your products. It can invite your customer to find a new favorite service or product by allowing them to try it out without feeling they have to choose one over the other.

Think about it, have you EVER walked out of the ice cream shop after having a sample and saying, “no thanks, I changed my mind!”

Curious about ways you can implement the “little spoon” in your business? Kari loves collaborating with service based businesses who want to stand out in the crowd and make more money. Inquire about business and leadership coaching.

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