Create the life you dreamed about when you started this journey.

I help entrepreneurs build long term, profitable businesses without getting up at 5am or trying to constantly juggle ALL of the things. Through private and small group coaching I help you to lead in life and business confidently and with clarity.

Create the life you dreamed about when you started this journey. “anchored.”

I help entrepreneurs build long term, profitable businesses without getting up at 5am or trying to constantly juggle ALL of the things. Through private and small group coaching I help you to lead in life and business confidently and with clarity.

Your business is more than just a source of income

It’s a vehicle to serve your community, create fulfilling careers for others, and grant you the freedom and flexibility you desire. I recognize the importance of your vision, and want to help you achieve it without sacrificing your well-being.

I support my clients to:

  • Evaluate what is truly working in your life and business without judgment
  • Prioritize where to focus your energy and attention for long term success
  • Build and develop a team of people to support the vision. Yes, even as a soloprenuer you need this- it just may look a little different.
“Kari related my business to my life. She was able to see the big picture and give me action steps based on the full picture. It isn’t business or life coaching, it is both. “
Carolyn M., Owner, Counselling Therapist

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have so many ideas that you would love to implement but something always comes up that pulls you off the visionary path and back into putting out the fires in your business.
  • You want to build a solid team that loves what they do and is truly invested in the business but this is much harder than it seems.
  • You provide a great service but you want to be able to step away from the front line and aren’t sure how to transition your clients to another team member without losing them.
  • You used to have so much passion and drive but you are finding it harder to keep that energy up over the long term. Life happens – family demands, health changes, getting a little older – these things affect you more than you care to admit most days.
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What does it mean to “Be the Anchor?”

When the seas of life get stormy (and they always will), it is not up to us to try and calm the waters of the ocean or to captain anyone else’s boat. The best we can do is to captain our own ship, set a clear destination and to become the point of security and stability for others – the anchor.

I love a great analogy. I often talk about creating flow states, adjusting your sails and being aware of currents in life and business. Some of my best ideas have come from time on the water kayaking and paddleboarding.

“ The ability Kari has to seamlessly transition and connect both personal and professional aspects is a skill set extremely rare and greatly valued.”
Janessa M., Owner, The Forum Inc.

How can I help you to create a long term business that is profitable and allows you the flexibility you want in your life?

My programs are designed to meet you in the place that works best for you. If you aren’t sure which is the best fit, let’s hop on a call. You can share a bit about your situation and the challenges you are currently facing and the goals that you are wanting to move forward with. I will tell you a bit about the options I can offer. We can decide together if it seems like a good fit. I don’t do high pressure or sales – big bold promises for transformation in 30 days make me cringe and I’m sure you don’t like them either. I want to create a plan with you that will work now and years into the future. Consistency over intensity is my motto. Oh and if we feel we aren’t a great fit, I will do my best to refer you to someone who might be a better match.

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NOTE: I work 1:1 with a limited number of clients to ensure that I can provide premium level service. I make sure that I have time to think about your situation and plan between sessions. If private coaching is something you are seriously considering, I suggest reaching out as soon as possible to get on the list.

“Kari is easy to talk to but will ask me the hard questions or share what I really need to hear too. She really listens and considers all aspects of the situation or problem. She didn’t just give the quick easy answer.”
Jackie M., Manager

Latest Blogs

Episode 14 – Take the Emotion Out of It and Other BS Advice

November 28th, 2023|Comments Off on Episode 14 – Take the Emotion Out of It and Other BS Advice

I was listening to a podcast that was advising leaders on how to take the emotion out of delivering difficult news to employees and it got me fired up. I believe taking the emotion out of anything is taking the humanity out of connection. That’s what I’m talking about today: how to be a great leader by working with your emotions. Delivering hard news without emotion makes you come across as cold, hard, and uncaring. That’s not how you want to appear to the people who have done the hard work and their best jobs for you. We aren’t advised to take the emotion out of exciting news or joyful things, so why should we remove it from hard things? I think we do it to avoid feeling uncomfortable. Let’s talk about that. Emotions are not a gendered issue, either. All humans have emotions and leading with compassion is a human quality, not a gendered one. So join me to find out how to lead with emotion in a healthy way. What does that look like? How can we avoid explosive emotions without ignoring them entirely? How do we share our emotions in ways that allow our employees to feel safe in their own emotions as well? Key Moments 03:20  How it looks when delivering hard news without emotion   05:02  Explaining ways in which emotion shows up 09:40  How to manage our emotions before sharing them

  • Partner your logical mind with your emotions before sharing news
  • The importance of creating a safe space for everyone’s emotion
  • The dangers of being emotional to customers but closed off to employees
__ Contact Kari Lotzien | Be the Anchor:  __

Episode 13 – Ruby Cole-Ellis: Generational Business

November 21st, 2023|Comments Off on Episode 13 – Ruby Cole-Ellis: Generational Business

I love to talk to female entrepreneurs who are embracing the journey. Hearing their stories is inspiring and they often share insights about entrepreneurship that may be a bit different than what we have learned in traditional leadership and business courses. So I’m thrilled today to talk with Ruby Cole-Ellis, founder of The Maby Studio and the Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce 2021 Businesswoman of the Year. Ruby is a powerful woman and we explore the powerful women in her family who helped shape her as we talk about generational business.  Ruby’s grandmother was an entrepreneur, a businesswoman and an investor, who raised four children alone in the 60s. I can only imagine the toughness and composure she needed to succeed in a man’s world. Her ability to pivot and always move forward informed the lessons she passed on to her family. Ruby’s mother supported and encouraged all her dreams from the start, understanding that entrepreneurial drive. Generations of women encouraging each other in their goals. There are so many powerful lessons to take away from my conversation with Ruby. The importance of inspiring new generations. The vital aspect of the attitude with which you conduct business. But Ruby also leans into business from a female perspective. She listens to the external seasons and the natural cycles of a woman’s life to inform how she does business. How can we harness our cycles for success? How much are we listening to our own needs? Key Moments 03:49 Learning about Ruby’s grandmother 13:56 Recognizing we are mirrors and why we should reflect calm 27:39 Ruby explaining rhythms and cycle syncing in business

  • Why the saying “sometimes you win, sometimes you learn” from Ruby’s grandmother is so powerful
  • The ability to pivot is part of success
  • Having it all is possible if everything is taken one step at a time, allowing for cycles 
__ About Ruby Cole-Ellis:
  1. Ruby Cole-Ellis is the Owner, Founder and Principal Designer of The Maby Studio. She has almost a decade of design and management experience in Guatemala, El Salvador and Canada.
Ruby holds a Bachelors in Architecture, a Master's in History and a Master's in Architecture & Design from the Francisco Marroquin University in Guatemala. She also possesses a Postgraduate Degree in Management from the University of Calgary and the IEDP ™ Designation (International Event Decorating Professional) by the QC Event School in New York. She recently earned Creative Professional “Mickey Ears” from the Disney Institute™. In late 2016, Ruby was asked to decorate a friend’s wedding. Immediately after that event, she was asked by the Bride’s sister and Maid-of-Honor to help design their upcoming weddings. Seeing the Event Decor industry as an outlet for her creative mind, Ruby founded, “Maby Rentals” on June 1, 2017. The name was inspired by her wedding’s hashtag: #maby (Matt + Ruby). In 2018, the company changed its name to, “The Maby Studio,” evoking a place where design and art are created. The Maby Studio has just celebrated its 400th Event Milestone with clients all across Central Alberta since its inception. The current Company’s Portfolio includes Weddings, Fundraisers, Baby Showers, and Anniversaries. In 2020 The Maby Studio opened its Experience Design Division which includes Corporate Events, Brand Activations and Gifting Design Services. __ Contact Ruby Cole-Ellis | The Maby Studio: __ Contact Kari Lotzien | Be the Anchor:  __
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