Create the life you dreamed about when you started this journey.

I help entrepreneurs build long term, profitable businesses without getting up at 5am or trying to constantly juggle ALL of the things. Through private and small group coaching I help you to lead in life and business confidently and with clarity.

Create the life you dreamed about when you started this journey. “anchored.”

I help entrepreneurs build long term, profitable businesses without getting up at 5am or trying to constantly juggle ALL of the things. Through private and small group coaching I help you to lead in life and business confidently and with clarity.

Your business is more than just a source of income

It’s a vehicle to serve your community, create fulfilling careers for others, and grant you the freedom and flexibility you desire. I recognize the importance of your vision, and want to help you achieve it without sacrificing your well-being.

I support my clients to:

  • Evaluate what is truly working in your life and business without judgment
  • Prioritize where to focus your energy and attention for long term success
  • Build and develop a team of people to support the vision. Yes, even as a soloprenuer you need this- it just may look a little different.
“Kari related my business to my life. She was able to see the big picture and give me action steps based on the full picture. It isn’t business or life coaching, it is both. “
Carolyn M., Owner, Counselling Therapist

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have so many ideas that you would love to implement but something always comes up that pulls you off the visionary path and back into putting out the fires in your business.
  • You want to build a solid team that loves what they do and is truly invested in the business but this is much harder than it seems.
  • You provide a great service but you want to be able to step away from the front line and aren’t sure how to transition your clients to another team member without losing them.
  • You used to have so much passion and drive but you are finding it harder to keep that energy up over the long term. Life happens – family demands, health changes, getting a little older – these things affect you more than you care to admit most days.
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What does it mean to “Be the Anchor?”

When the seas of life get stormy (and they always will), it is not up to us to try and calm the waters of the ocean or to captain anyone else’s boat. The best we can do is to captain our own ship, set a clear destination and to become the point of security and stability for others – the anchor.

I love a great analogy. I often talk about creating flow states, adjusting your sails and being aware of currents in life and business. Some of my best ideas have come from time on the water kayaking and paddleboarding.

“ The ability Kari has to seamlessly transition and connect both personal and professional aspects is a skill set extremely rare and greatly valued.”
Janessa M., Owner, The Forum Inc.

How can I help you to create a long term business that is profitable and allows you the flexibility you want in your life?

My programs are designed to meet you in the place that works best for you. If you aren’t sure which is the best fit, let’s hop on a call. You can share a bit about your situation and the challenges you are currently facing and the goals that you are wanting to move forward with. I will tell you a bit about the options I can offer. We can decide together if it seems like a good fit. I don’t do high pressure or sales – big bold promises for transformation in 30 days make me cringe and I’m sure you don’t like them either. I want to create a plan with you that will work now and years into the future. Consistency over intensity is my motto. Oh and if we feel we aren’t a great fit, I will do my best to refer you to someone who might be a better match.

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NOTE: I work 1:1 with a limited number of clients to ensure that I can provide premium level service. I make sure that I have time to think about your situation and plan between sessions. If private coaching is something you are seriously considering, I suggest reaching out as soon as possible to get on the list.

“Kari is easy to talk to but will ask me the hard questions or share what I really need to hear too. She really listens and considers all aspects of the situation or problem. She didn’t just give the quick easy answer.”
Jackie M., Manager

Latest Blogs

Episode 33 – Core Values Are Not Enough

May 14th, 2024|Comments Off on Episode 33 – Core Values Are Not Enough

I’m glad you’re here for an episode that may be a little bit short but is full of necessity. I want to talk about core values. A lot of businesses talk about core values, small and large businesses alike. And that’s good! Every business should have done an activity that helps define and develop its core values as a company. What I’ve been seeing lately, though, is that while it’s wonderful to hear a business declare “We stand for loyalty, transparency, and trust”, what happens if what occurs in levels of the business contradicts those values? That’s what I want to examine. It may sound harsh, or like doom and gloom when I say that stating core values that are not followed through on in actions as a business truly can be the demise of the business. Why would I say that? Core values represent things you promise to be and do as a company. If you fail to live up to those stated values, you lose integrity. You present as out of alignment and customers lose trust in everything you say and offer. That kind of loss can be catastrophic to a business. I want to give you examples of situations I’ve encountered with real business owners that demonstrate this. How does this contradiction show up? What does it look like when core values aren’t acted on in a business? Where does it usually creep in? How can that be prevented? I want you and your business to succeed so I’m going to address all those questions. I’m glad you’re joining me to dig deeper into what core values mean beyond stating them as part of a business plan. It’s so important to ask yourself how you will keep those values alive in your daily activities. Key Moments 02:02 Why misalignment with core values can be the end of a business 03:03 Business example of core values initially in action 05:01 Follow-up example of how later actions were at odds with the stated core values

  • Why a noted misalignment of core values to actions matters
  • Ask what your business’s core values are and whether you are demonstrating them 
  • Look into your team and ask yourself if they’re leading or being led according to your core values
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Episode 32 – Living the Life You Crave, Pt 2

April 30th, 2024|Comments Off on Episode 32 – Living the Life You Crave, Pt 2

Last episode, I introduced part one of this series on living the life that you crave. I gave you background on what that means and really did deep dive into my tagline, “live the life you crave”. If you haven’t listened to Episode 31, take a quick moment now to listen and come back when you’re finished. Now, in part two, I’m going to talk about actually living that life. There are six steps I’ll share about how to create the life that you crave and then go about living it. I sometimes think about what will be said about my life when I’m gone. What impact did I have? Did I give back? Was my life one that was well lived? I believe our lives are about impact and purpose, fulfilling the reason we’re here. It’s not all about business, but about what differences we can make through our lives and businesses. So in taking action to live the life you crave, my steps are very focused on actually living and not just reaching financial goals. These steps apply even if you’re struggling, if you’re not in a successful place or if you haven’t yet found your dream or goal but are just realizing you want something new: that is your dream. Change is your dream. Moving past struggle is the life you crave at the moment. The six steps ask you to look back at where you’ve already been to recognize the obstacles you’ve already overcome. They demand that you acknowledge your dreams and goals that are about more than just fiscal milestones. They teach you to understand that when you reach a mushroom cloud of expansion, your business will become something bigger than yourself. What is the journey that you’re on? How far have you already come? What are you learning and appreciating along the way? These are key questions to focus on as you work at living the life that you crave.  Key Moments 05:21 Step one is to look back. Look at how far you’ve already come. 11:07 Step three is asking how your dreams and goals appear. Where are you heading? 18:42 When your journey becomes bigger than you, how many other lives will you impact and enrich?

  • Process over progress means living the action of getting to your destination; enjoying the journey
  • How do you live in the moments that lead you to your goal instead of just staring down the goal?
  • Let yourself have an experience that pinpoints what you really crave
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