Create the life you dreamed about when you started this journey.

I help entrepreneurs build long term, profitable businesses without getting up at 5am or trying to constantly juggle ALL of the things. Through private and small group coaching I help you to lead in life and business confidently and with clarity.

Create the life you dreamed about when you started this journey. “anchored.”

I help entrepreneurs build long term, profitable businesses without getting up at 5am or trying to constantly juggle ALL of the things. Through private and small group coaching I help you to lead in life and business confidently and with clarity.

Your business is more than just a source of income

It’s a vehicle to serve your community, create fulfilling careers for others, and grant you the freedom and flexibility you desire. I recognize the importance of your vision, and want to help you achieve it without sacrificing your well-being.

I support my clients to:

  • Evaluate what is truly working in your life and business without judgment
  • Prioritize where to focus your energy and attention for long term success
  • Build and develop a team of people to support the vision. Yes, even as a soloprenuer you need this- it just may look a little different.
“Kari related my business to my life. She was able to see the big picture and give me action steps based on the full picture. It isn’t business or life coaching, it is both. “
Carolyn M., Owner, Counselling Therapist

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have so many ideas that you would love to implement but something always comes up that pulls you off the visionary path and back into putting out the fires in your business.
  • You want to build a solid team that loves what they do and is truly invested in the business but this is much harder than it seems.
  • You provide a great service but you want to be able to step away from the front line and aren’t sure how to transition your clients to another team member without losing them.
  • You used to have so much passion and drive but you are finding it harder to keep that energy up over the long term. Life happens – family demands, health changes, getting a little older – these things affect you more than you care to admit most days.
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What does it mean to “Be the Anchor?”

When the seas of life get stormy (and they always will), it is not up to us to try and calm the waters of the ocean or to captain anyone else’s boat. The best we can do is to captain our own ship, set a clear destination and to become the point of security and stability for others – the anchor.

I love a great analogy. I often talk about creating flow states, adjusting your sails and being aware of currents in life and business. Some of my best ideas have come from time on the water kayaking and paddleboarding.

“ The ability Kari has to seamlessly transition and connect both personal and professional aspects is a skill set extremely rare and greatly valued.”
Janessa M., Owner, The Forum Inc.

How can I help you to create a long term business that is profitable and allows you the flexibility you want in your life?

My programs are designed to meet you in the place that works best for you. If you aren’t sure which is the best fit, let’s hop on a call. You can share a bit about your situation and the challenges you are currently facing and the goals that you are wanting to move forward with. I will tell you a bit about the options I can offer. We can decide together if it seems like a good fit. I don’t do high pressure or sales – big bold promises for transformation in 30 days make me cringe and I’m sure you don’t like them either. I want to create a plan with you that will work now and years into the future. Consistency over intensity is my motto. Oh and if we feel we aren’t a great fit, I will do my best to refer you to someone who might be a better match.

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NOTE: I work 1:1 with a limited number of clients to ensure that I can provide premium level service. I make sure that I have time to think about your situation and plan between sessions. If private coaching is something you are seriously considering, I suggest reaching out as soon as possible to get on the list.

“Kari is easy to talk to but will ask me the hard questions or share what I really need to hear too. She really listens and considers all aspects of the situation or problem. She didn’t just give the quick easy answer.”
Jackie M., Manager

Latest Blogs

Episode 26 – I Thought I Would be Further by Now

February 20th, 2024|Comments Off on Episode 26 – I Thought I Would be Further by Now

“How many times have you said to yourself, I just thought I’d be further by now?” That’s the question that this episode examines. Maybe you thought you’d be at a different financial stage by now or maybe you imagined you’d have a much larger team. But somehow you’re not feeling that you’re at the place you want to be or getting the results you want to get. There’s something important I want you to do when those doubts take hold: pause and realize how much you’ve accomplished to get to this point. I had this question rise for me when I reached my 250th workout. The gym I go to celebrates that, they take a picture and give you a prize, but the first thing I thought when I saw the picture was “I thought I’d look different by now”. As much as I hated having that thought, it happened. But the instructor taking the photo introduced me to the statistics that only 12% of people in Canada have a gym membership and only 1% use the membership to get to where I was that day. I was in an elite group. Now let’s apply that to your business. I’ll share small business statistics with you that will show you exactly how much you’ve accomplished just by still being here, by being in business, by surviving the last four years with your business thriving. And I’ll ask you to pause right during the episode to write down how far you’ve come. To combat the feeling that you haven’t done enough, you need to give credit to the resilience you have that’s brought you this far. How much have you overcome? Then ask yourself, what keeps you going? What is it that drives you forward? What do you want to learn to help you progress into the future? These are the things we’ll tackle together today. Key Moments 03:24 Statistics on how many small businesses fail in their first, second, and third years 06:04 How to pause, think about your accomplishments this far, and write them out 15:12 Questions to consider about what keeps you going and what drives you

  • Consider the statistics on small businesses and how much they contribute to hiring overall
  • Have you found a community, a camaraderie, in a group of people with similar goals?
  • How the Anchored Leadership Program can take you through the next phase: leadership hurdles
__ Resources mentioned in this episode: __ Contact Kari Lotzien | Be the Anchor:  __

Episode 25 – How Your Empathy is Hurting Your Business

February 13th, 2024|Comments Off on Episode 25 – How Your Empathy is Hurting Your Business

What I want to talk about today is empathy. Specifically, I want to talk about how your empathy may be hurting your business. Possibly in ways you’ve never considered before. There are ways you may be getting in your own way through empathy. Now I’m not saying that empathy is a bad trait or in any way wrong, that’s not it. I am saying there is a time and place for empathy and to ensure empathy doesn’t lead to business decisions in ways that are detrimental to your growth. I’ve had experience, personal experience, in letting my empathy get in my way and my business suffered for it. There are three main ways that I see in which empathy can undermine your efforts for your business. One way is making scalability and how you’re going to transition to having employees more difficult. The second way is in struggling to hold others accountable and not making excuses for people. And the third way is to prevent you from charging what you’re worth. There is a lot to examine in these three issues. How do you identify if they’re problems for you? What do you do to fix them if they are? I want to talk about how you can still lead with empathy and support as important parts of your business. But if you are allowing empathy to get in the way of, say, transitioning clients to your new capable team members, or if you’re so desperate to be liked as a leader that you can’t clarify and enforce the expectations of a job, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. How can you keep empathy in mind without giving it control? How can you continue to offer top-tier service to clients without doing it all yourself? That’s what I’m going to explain in this episode. Key Moments 02:15 When empathy gets in the way of scaling your business and transitioning your clients 12:58 How empathy can prevent you from holding others accountable 16:39 Why do we need to charge what we’re worth and not let empathy hold us back?

  • Ask yourself if certain clients would be better served by new team members in some areas
  • Have you been clear in communicating expectations and productivity needs?
  • Does what you charge allow you to appreciate your team well financially?
__ Resources mentioned in this episode: __ Contact Kari Lotzien | Be the Anchor:  __
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